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The Arctic Ice Melting…what is its impact?
August 31, 2008, 8:25 am
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Yesterday I hosted a discussion on BlogTalkRadio on melting of Arctic Ice sheets and what is its effect on environment and geopolitical balance in the Arctic region.

In the show sponsored by, I discussed two issues- the untapped natural resources and possible new navigational routes through the Northwest Passage.

To get an idea about the problem I collated information from various sources and the links are given below:

The last article of Andy Johnson made me sit up and take notice of the impact. It is chilling when You consider the geopolitical significance the Arctic region holds in future world order.


Srinivas Vedula on Arctic Ice Melting – BlogtalkRadio and


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Great to see the other world perspective
on your blogs…

It is difficult for people in the States
to have an insight into the challenges
that others face, without having the same
views or lenses to look through. We put on
our green lenses when we study sustainable
models; but for those who live in cities,
next to vacant lots and urban uprights, the
majority of the world is no longer seeing
green from their tenement housing, unless
they live next to a park or a vacant lot.

Thanks Srinivas for reminding US of the many
lenses through which we can view the world,
while sharing the green lens with others.

We wish the polar bears a short swim to new
habitat on the mainland…maybe they will
find their way to parks in Anchorage or
Seattle…have to lock up the kids and let the bears run loose.

Tell Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s grandkids:
don’t feed the polar bears!!

Comment by vince beazel

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