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Social Networks- Effective channel for Education and Green awareness?
September 14, 2008, 5:22 am
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This week in my radio show ( sponsored show on BlogTalkradio) I chose the above mentioned topic.

The reason why I chose this topic- obvious. I am a member of many social and business networks and except for Linked In and Ecademy where I spend most of my networking time, I could not find enough time to network on other sites. Being active in a social network means you have to be visible- this visibility happens by actively participating in knowledge share / debates / discussions / question and answers sections. I joined many green groups in these networks and was surprised that many of these groups had members in excess of 2000+. I know that few open networkers are members of these groups and it is these power networkers I normally get invitations from. Do I accept all invitations – as of now yes because I do not see a strong reason to decline any invitation as my network is very small. Offlate I started receiving invitations from group members of common shared groups and that is where the knowledge share is happening. I have made new freinds, able to interview few potential candidates for open positions in my organization and have even received offers for business alliances.

These social networks have given me an identity within small online groups and my views and opinions are considered relevant by few who read them. In LI few gave my answers a best rating which automatically portrays me as an expert on that topic – which I humbly admit I may not be. I tried to apply common sense and logical reasoning in many of my answers and that has earned me a score of 7% best answers and 30% good answers. The reasoning is simple – there are 70% of my opinions that are (answers on LI Q&A forum) not considered good or did not make an impact on the person asking the question to whom I replied when compared to other answers. Does it bother me ? No. What this has done to me is whenever I read the answers that were rated as good and best, I learned new perspectives on the subject, a new style of communication and sometimes very innovative insights. In short, my education process is continuous and ongoing.

This experience of online channel strengthened my belief that online communities / groups are a great channel for promoting education. If a guy like me who has seen 45 summers can still learn from this wonderful channel, I was curious to know how the young children and youth use this channel. The educational utility of an online channel is never disputed and when it comes to learning new things the online channel stands out. The young children of today are more online savvy and their dependence on online channels for entertainment, socializing and learning is common across the globe as internet reach has spread far and wide. Does it mean there are no problems associated with this channel? Well, the answer is obvious. The freedom and unrestricted access to content of all kinds on the net can have serious impact – the rising email frauds, online marketing frauds and cyber-crime is an indication of the negative impact on society.

I was looking for some kind of scientific study conducted to test my beliefs and opinions. I came across an article on site which was amazing. It gave answers to many of my questions and it pleasantly surprised me as the amount of insights that were gained reading the research report convinced me of the positive use of an online channel.

I discussed and shared the views expressed in the report with listeners of the show. For benefit of people reading this blog of mine, the link is given here :

Srinivas Vedula on Social Networking and Green Education


Impromptu radio show…what an experience!!!
September 7, 2008, 5:37 am
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The radio show hosted by me on 6th September, 2008 at 1.30 PM EST on BlogTalkRadio was indeed special and impromptu.

I was trying to get in touch with David Hakim President – AG Waste Solutions at Full Circle Energy Inc. California to be a guest at the show. Unfortunately I could not get a confirmation from David and my sponsor friend Vincent Beazel of called him up and left a message about the show. It was a pleasant surprise when I called in for Live show to find that David had already called in. So my preparation for the show which was to cover IT industry perspectives on Sustainable business went for ta toss. I had planned for discussions with another guest Richard Kubin , Principal Partner at Vertex Consulting, a provider of creative solutions for the high tech industry. He had also called in. So I had to prioritize- well when you are faced with a surprise, the show must go on. Out popped Full Circle Energy company presentation on my laptop and I started rattling questions to David Hakim. The next fifteen minutes passed off peacefully with David Hakim taking over and giving me a chance to breathe free and relax.

The interview with Richard was more easier- partly planned and the subject was Richard’s expertise. The fact that I had couple of interaction with Richard helped me out as the discussions moved smoothly. I wanted to cover e-waste issue and IT industry response to e-waste luckily the time ran out and my imprmptu radio show was over.

When I heard the recording of the show later, I felt that I carried the day after a initial hiccup. Moral of the story – Planning is essential and in unplanned situations one should know how to handle. We need to apply the learning in practical life many times when these surprises crop up. We need to learn to come out trumps every time we are faced with unknown challenges.

I need to thank David and Richard for their support and Vince for hearing me through the show. Well we are all imperfect and we need to improve each day- probably a right learning at a right time.


Link to the show here – Srinivas Vedula on Sustainable Societies

The Arctic Ice Melting…what is its impact?
August 31, 2008, 8:25 am
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Yesterday I hosted a discussion on BlogTalkRadio on melting of Arctic Ice sheets and what is its effect on environment and geopolitical balance in the Arctic region.

In the show sponsored by, I discussed two issues- the untapped natural resources and possible new navigational routes through the Northwest Passage.

To get an idea about the problem I collated information from various sources and the links are given below:

The last article of Andy Johnson made me sit up and take notice of the impact. It is chilling when You consider the geopolitical significance the Arctic region holds in future world order.


Srinivas Vedula on Arctic Ice Melting – BlogtalkRadio and

Global Climate Change or Global Warming
August 14, 2008, 7:34 am
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Th debate on global warming is never ending. There are people who debate to death that global warming due to human activities is a scam. There are others who feel that there is end of world nearing because of human activities induced global warming.

How do we, as an individual, make an educative guess on what needs to be done or not done. When you hear two equally strong and opposing stands on a topic – the best way to reason out which side you need to be is to assess the risk, and see for yourself the benefit of your stand.

This wonderful video of ten minutes which I found on YouTube made my decision easier. This young science teacher, Greg, from the United States has a simple and compelling way of explaining the selection of obvious choice.